Green Teachers Training Programmes

Certificate Course: Since 2005, Environmental Studies (EVS) became mandatory in school curriculum. To facilitate the EVS teaching process more easily, Srushtidnyan started six month duration Green Teachers Certificate Course for the teachers. The objective was to make them equipped with the literature, teaching material and teaching methodology on EVS. This course involved monthly interactive sessions either in-class or in-field visits. The study literature consisted with environmental information, statistics, photographs, and activities to be used for environment education. The number of enrollment in the course was limited to 50 per course. Five batches of this course were conducted successfully that catered around 250 teachers from various schools of Mumbai and Thane district. The study material is available on various issues like water, air, plants, wildlife, energy, soil and so on.

Teachers Training Workshops: These workshops are regularly being organized for the teachers on various environmental issues specially those having local concerns, for instance, forest cover of Mumbai, Mumbai’s Coastal Environment, Climate Change in the context of Mumbai, and so on. These workshops are organized twice a year and the thrust is to impart with knowledge, skills and perspective towards building an action oriented understanding that helps them to deal with the environment topics in the schools. These workshops have catered more than a thousand teachers in a decade since 2005.