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Finger Millet Recipe Competition with parents in Mumbai

Published on April 1, 2017 under Uncategorized

Climate Ambassadors Mumbai Stockholm 2017 started with a grand programme of Nachani Recipe Competition with parents. Srushtidnyan in collaboration with Anuyog Vidyalay organized a Nachani (Ragi Millet) Recipe Competition with the parents of Climate Ambassadors Students on 27th February 2017.
We have lost some millet from our diet like ragi. In fact cultivating these millets are climate resilient species so it is an answer to the climate change. Because they are grown organically, they are sturdy and can survive in any climatic changes. To cultivate more & more ragi and to promote the consumption of ragi is the main objective of this finger millet promotion campaign.
Ragi (Eleusine coracna) is rich in calcium, iron and amino acids. It is also famous as red millet or finger millet in the world. As gluten free millet Ragi is the most exported millet from India. But it is hardly eating in our day to day’s life. In Maharashtra mostly Ragi roti is made but children do not like to eat ragi roti. So it was a challenge for the parents to prepare different nutritious recipes from ragi to promote the consumption of ragi in children.
Parents came up with innovative dishes from ragi like, Idli, Dosa, Appe, noodles, Modak, wraps & rolls, cookies, Papad, chakli, Mudde, Momos, laddus, Halwa, Parothe, Theple etc. 55 parents from primary and secondary school division participated in the competition. It was great Treat! Parents presented the dishes very attractively; it was also treating for eyes! Botonist Dr. Nagesh Tekale, Ms. Nina Naim from Climate Action, Sweden & Ms. Jyoti Khopkar from Srushtidnyan was in judging panel. Dr. Nagesh Tekale explained the importance of ragi in our diet and other than taking pills of calcium and iron we should use ragi in our daily diet. One fact he shared with parents that if ragi ate with vitamin c (lime juice) the iron is absorbed within 10 minutes in the body. The parents were inspired to use ragi in their daily diet! All the participants were felicitated with certificates and winners with prizes!