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Teachers Training Workshop in Mumbai & Devrukh 2017

Published on April 3, 2017 under Uncategorized

First Teachers Training Workshop in Project Climate Ambassadors Mumbai Stockholm 2017 was conducted at Godrej Wetland & Sustainability Centre in 1st March 2017 for Mumbai Schools. Mr. Amar Deshpande & Associate manager Mr. Hemant Karkhanis who helped teachers to understand the eco system of Mangroves and also facilitate Mangrove Interpretation Centre for project discussion. First of all Mr. Prashant Shinde brief about the project in brief and explained the climate mapping activity. Different instruments like maxima thermometer, rain gauge, barometer, and hygrometer displayed to teachers and explained how to use them. Different programmes and activities were discussed and planned during this workshop. All the teachers appreciated the field visit and will like to continue the same pattern for next Teachers Training Workshop.

For  Devrukh region First Teachers training held at  A. S. P. College, Devrukh on 10th March 2017. Dr. Pratap Naikwade presented his work on Climate Change and plants in Arizona University. Mr. Kunal Anerao explained about the project’s aims and objectives. Ms. Sangeeta Kharat and Mr. Sumit Pawar demonstrated climate mapping equipment like rain gauge, thermometer, barometer, hygrometer etc. All the teachers were very curious and are interested to conduct different activities in the project. Ms. Nina Naim from Climate Action, Sweden and Ms. Anna Daneberga from Future Earth, Sweden were the special guests for this workshop.