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Wild Vegetable Festival in Mumbai

Published on August 5, 2017 under Uncategorized

रानभाजी महोत्सव
Wild Vegetable Festival
An answer to Climate Change!
Wild vegetables bloom during monsoon, mostly in July and August. They shoot up with the first shower of our monsoon rainfall and cover the whole forested and rural geography of Maharashtra. They grow naturally and without any chemical fertilizers. They are full of vitamins, calcium, minerals and protein. They are an inherent part of our traditional diet in most of the rural and tribal areas. The rural and tribal communities hold a great amount of knowledge on recognizing and cooking recipes of those wild vegetables. They also contribute to the count of biological diversity of Indian Flora that our country is known for. Global warming and climate change which has adding to the devastation of the contemporary chemical based hybridized agri-culture and diet-culture. In this case, they are our gene banks to combat with! Therefore, the habitats of wild vegetables need urgent protection against the fast invading urbanization!
Srushtidnyan in association with Jhoonjhoonwala College, Ghatkoper Mumbai had organized “Wild Vegetable Festival” on Saturday 22nd July 2017. The Climate Ambassadors Mumbai-Stockholm project schools namely North Mumbai Welfare Society’s High School, Aamchi Shala, Pragnya Bodhini High School and Anuyog Vidyalaya participated in the festival by exhibiting variety of recipes by using the wild vegetables. The best recipes were awarded with prizes. Hats off for all the children, their parents and teachers who prepared varied and tasteful recipes of wild vegetables and made this festival a great success!