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Micro-Green Recipe Competition 2020.

Published on February 28, 2020 under Uncategorized

Everyday we should intake fresh vegetables in our daily diet to get more nutritional to our body. But in this day and age we are not able to get fresh vegetables from market because they transported to big city from different place and in that process 50% of that vegetables get lost and due to chemical fertilizer and pesticides cultivation reaming nutritional value of that vegetables too get disappeared. As the shrinking spaces in big city we cannot grow vegetables in our places. Micro-green are the nothing but vegetables green harvested just after the leaves has develop and it contains 40% higher nutritious value than the fully grown vegetables.
On 25th Feb. Under climate friendly nutritious food campaign a Micro green recipe competition were held In A. S. P. College, Devrukh. Students had prepared almost 20 recipes like soup, paratha, salads, Vegetables from home made grown micro-green from Lentils, Fenugreek, Green leaf, Carrot, Spinach. Ms.Sangeeta Kharat from srushtidnyan, Ms. Sujata bhagwat from ASP college, and Reva from Apna sakhkari bank were the judges for this competition. Everyone is so excited as this was first time students were prepared the new healthy, Tasty recipes from micro-green and earn prizes from micro-green recipe competition held first time in devrukh. Thank you to Pratap Naikwade Sir and Dr.Ranjit Bansode to make this program a success.