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CHIPLUN FLOOD – “Sustainable Community Rehabilitation and Ecological Restoration in Chiplun Flood Region”

Published on August 2, 2021 under News
CHIPLUN FLOOD – “Sustainable Community Rehabilitation and Ecological Restoration in Chiplun Flood Region”

CHIPLUN FLOOD – “Sustainable Community Rehabilitation and Ecological Restoration in Chiplun Flood Region”

The flood in Chiplun on July 21, 2021 caused tremendous damage to property, life, and people’s livelihoods. Additionally it has now also affecting people’s health with immediate risk of infections, hunger, poverty and further loss of life. Covid-19 pandemic, frequent lockdown, and now the flood have broken down the back bone of rural economy. Given the scale of devastation, tremendous efforts are now required to help people rebuild their lives.

Srushtidnyan has got involved in the immediate relief work under the leadership of Mr. Vijay Jawlekar, President of Srushtidnyan. But the relief may not be enough to bring the situation back to normal. It requires great amount of efforts with inter-disciplinary way. Srushtidnyan in association with local initiative like Sahaj Clinic has got in to work at socio-economic, psycho-social and relief-rehabilitation level towards ensuring the long term sustainability to the flood affected population. The action involves quick responses as well as long term interventions as follow –

  1. To ensure direct relief to the flood affected population through community kitchen, medicine, clothes, and utilities.
  2. To attend both the physical and mental health vulnerabilities of the women and children duo to flood conditions.
  3. To address educational accessibilities the children duo to flood conditions.
  4. To enhance livelihood opportunities affected by the flood conditions.
  5. To ensure the restoration of ecological loss in the context of flood conditions.
  6. To connect and co-operate with civil society initiatives on advocacy for community rehabilitation and sustainable ecosystem restoration.

This massive flood in Chiplun is no doubt an effect of this rampant exploitation of nature. Unsuspecting indigenous people, farming and fishing communities have been mute spectators to this devastating ecological and socio-economic disaster. It is time to take stock and mitigate this devastation and stand with the Communities who need support to recover from this massive flood. It is also important to upskill them with suitable livelihood capacities to cope up with the situation. There is currently tremendous unmet need working to rehabilitate such communities as well.

The support in terms of kind and funds is welcomed.

Contact: Mr. Vijay Jawlekar @ +91 90827 74671 or WhatsApp @ +91 99691 52304

Bank details for donations are available at Mr. Tanmay Manjrekar @ +91 9372432779 or whatsapp @ +91 86523 90352

Donation directly done through GiveIndia Platform @