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Wild Vegetables: Workshop & Exhibition

Published on July 11, 2017 under Uncategorized

As monsoon arrives the forest and countryside becomes green. Many of these monsoon flora are edible. To understand the Biodiversity in plants and nutrition value of this monsoon flora R. J. College, Ghatkopar in collaboration with Srushtidnyan organized workshop on wild vegetables. In Project Climate Ambassadors Mumbai – Stockholm this workshop was organized for the participatory school teachers and students. Other than that many college students, teachers and NGO representatives attended this workshop. Mr. Bharat Godambe, researcher in wild vegetables presented different types of wild vegetables, it’s medicinal properties and nutritional values. Around forty wild vegetables were exhibited in this workshop. R.J. Collage students prepared informative colorful posters  exhibition with wild vegetable display  This workshop has a grand success with the efforts of Dr. Anil Avhad & Dr. Jyotsna Nijsure and other team members of R. J. College. Special thanks to Principal Dr. Usha Mukundan.

All the participants school will celebrate wild vegetable festival on Saturday 22 July 2017 at R.J.Collage, Ghatkopar.