Climate Friendly Nutritional Food Campagin

A Climate freindly Nuturional Food Campagin is initated in with School Childrens, Parents,Village Womens to bring awarness and rivial of organically trational food culture.




Finger Millet promotion campaign

In Project Climate Ambassadors Mumbai- Stockholm 2017 Srushtidnyan is conducting various programmes under Finger Millet Campaign. Millet cultivation and millet consumption is the answer to the climate change.


Climate Ambassadors Mumbai Stockholm

Stockholm is a unique project being implemented by Srushtidnyan in association with a Swedish organization called KlimatAktion.

Green School

The foundation of Srushtidnyan is laid down by the activities conducted under the project Green Schools.

Green Teachers Training Programmes

Certificate Course: Since 2005, Environmental Studies (EVS) became mandatory in school curriculum.

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