CHIPLUN FLOOD – “Sustainable Community Rehabilitation and Ecological Restoration in Chiplun Flood Region”

The flood in Chiplun on July 21, 2021 caused tremendous damage to property, life, and people’s livelihoods. Additionally it has now also affecting people’s health with immediate risk of infections, hunger, poverty and further loss of life. Covid-19 pandemic, frequent lockdown, and now the flood have broken down the back bone of rural economy. Given the scale of devastation, tremendous efforts are now required to help people rebuild their lives.

Earth Day Celebration in Devrukh

Earth Day Celebration in Devrukh

Earth Day अर्थात वसुंधरा दिन. देवरुख मध्ये ए एस पी कॉलेज मध्ये सायकल क्लब सुरु होऊन एक वर्ष झालं. या निमित्ताने आणि वसुंधरा दिनाचे औचित्य साधून देवरुख मध्ये नियमित सायकल चालवणाऱ्या महिला व पुरुष तसेच मुले आणि तरुणांचा सन्मान करण्यात आला. Hats off to ASP College, Dept of Geography, Dept of Botany, Nature Club to make this initiative run on real bicycles. A special mention of Ankita jadhav, our Bicycle Club Ambassador for bicycling more than any of us in the club….so keep bicycling! Save the Earth! Be Climate Ambassadors!


Climate-Friendly Nutritious Food Campaign

In India, the food-grain like rice and wheat and other pulses are consumed by the people from the market and from the Public Distribution System (PDS) shops. It is produced largely with chemical fertilizers and pesticides; hybrid and genetically modified seeds; high energy-intensive food processing and fossil fuel consuming transportation.

Mangroves Conservation Project Sindhudurg,Maharashtra

Mangroves ecosystem is considered to be one of the most biodiversity rich ecosystems on the earth. Mangroves are found in Tropical and sub-tropical inter-tidal regions of the world. Mangroves are referred as halophytic, that means salt tolerant species. It provides a wide range of ecological and economical services.

Finger millet promotion campaign

In Project Climate Ambassadors Mumbai- Stockholm 2017 Srushtidnyan is conducting various programmes under Finger Millet Campaign. Millet cultivation and millet consumption is the answer to the climate change.


Climate Ambassadors Mumbai-Stockholm

Climate Ambassadors Mumbai-Stockholm is a unique project being implemented by Srushtidnyan in association with a Swedish organization called Klimat Aktion.

Green School

The foundation of Srushtidnyan is laid down by the activities conducted under the project Green Schools.

Green Teachers Training Programmes

Certificate Course: Since 2005, Environmental Studies (EVS) became mandatory in school curriculum.

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