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Wild Vegetable Festival in Devrukh

Published on August 5, 2017 under Uncategorized

what a quality time we had today with young faces n great energy n real cause of promoting wild vegetables as one of the best diet practice in monsoon. Thank ASP College, Dr. Pratap Naikwade, Dr. Meera Kale and their colleagues to host Wild Vegetable Festival. Congratulation to all the Climate Ambassadors who brought more than 100 recipes of wild vegetables. This was un-believable! Such a testy n healthy and climate friendly food culture was experienced today. Special thanks to all the mothers who still remained closed to the edible wild flora identifying and helping their children to make such a fantastic food. We are also thankful to Nisarg Mitra, Kolhapur who first initiated this process a decade ago in Kolhapur n today been a part of our festival.
It is very important knowing so many ecological facts n crucial perspective of using wild vegetables in our diet. So……Go wild vegieeee!